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At Scottsdale Spine & Sport, we combine a patient-centered approach with the latest evidence-based treatments to get you back to health. 

All of our treatments begin with a detailed examination and movement screening to identify the root cause of your pain. We then develop a custom plan to not only alleviate your symptoms but address the underlying causes as well.

While the number of sessions is dependent on your specific condition, our treatments are designed to get you back to health as quickly as possible and ensure you stay that way. 

Why Choose Us

Evidence-Based Treatments

We use methods that are backed by science and proven to provide lasting relief.

Personalized Attention & Care

Whether it's your first visit or your last, you'll always receive the highest level of attention and care.

Long-Term Health & Wellness

We don't just treat your pain, we strengthen and heal your body so you can live a fully active life.

Your Unique Challenges Require
Modern Therapeutic Solutions

We use several therapeutic treatments to get you out of pain and back to a healthier you!

back view of man getting adjusted by chiropractor

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments involve specific yet gentle manipulations at the restricted joint to restore normal range of motion. 

This can alleviate a variety of symptoms including back pain, neck pain, headaches and other musculoskeletal conditions. 

man receiving myofascial massage on massage table

Myofascial Release

If you’re struggling with chronic muscle pain or stiffness, myofascial release can help. 

It’s a hands-on technique that involves applying comfortable pressure onto the muscle, fascia, and connective tissue to eliminate pain and restore function.

IASTM treatment, girl receiving soft tissue treatment on her neck with stainless steel tool, soft tissue mobilization


IASTM stands for Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization. It’s a form of therapy that involves the mobilization of soft tissue with the aid of an instrument. 

Clinical benefits have shown improvements in range of motion, strength, and pain perception following treatment that often come from injuries and other bodily stress. 

woman applying cups to man's back


Cupping is a decompressive treatment that stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage, provides necessary nutrients to promote cellular healing while reducing pain and inflammation.

Acoustic Wave Therapy/Shockwave

Acoustic wave therapy is a non-invasive modern treatment method that uses sound waves to help promote your own body’s natural healing process. AWT increases circulation, regenerates tissue, and reduces stress by lowering cortisol levels while increasing metabolic activity all at the same time.

man using workout bands for rehab

Active Rehab

Through exercise-based rehab, we help you correct imbalances, restore function, strengthen weaknesses, and achieve proper core stability. 

Whether you’re dealing with a nagging chronic injury or something more acute, we give you a specific individualized treatment plan to get you moving more efficiently. 

back view of man swinging golf club on golf course

Golf Performance Training

As a TPI certified practitioner our goal is to improve your own strength, power, mobility, and stability to increase swing speed, promote longevity, and reduce overall pain levels.

We use video analysis and a golf specific movement screening to identify weaknesses and movement faults in your swing to help you play your best. Our collaborative approach with PGA professionals allows us to work as a team to help you reach your goals faster.

What Our Patients Are Saying

"At the age of 23 I had already had 2 back surgeries and knew that I needed to make a lifestyle change. Dr. Kricks advice really helped and we were able to work on some core stability exercises that have given me my strength back."
"I’ve experienced chronic headaches for the past few years with no success of any relief. Dr. Krick explained the problem to me and with a few adjustments I haven’t had any headaches since!"

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